Looking at Law Firm Websites in 2022


1 min read

Back when I was practicing law, particularly when I was running my own practice, I often looked up the best law firm websites; I wanted to make sure my own digital presence was the best it could be. I recently revisited this search out of curiosity - now that I'm in tech, I wanted to see if I could approach this question with greater insight.

It turns out that there are many such lists, and I've only picked out a few.

I found that while are many great sites in these lists, with some good insights into a firm website should contain, there's little to no overlap between the lists. It seems that there isn't widespread consensus about what the best sites are in this field, or what makes for a good law firm website. However, it may simply be that the number of law firms and associated websites is so large a population that it's entirely possible to have multiple lists of excellent sites that do not overlap.

Anyway, that's my random observation. I'm not sure what else to make of it.